Reactory Factory TV

My name is Dr. Reacto. Together with DJ Dan, Chloë, Fluffy Duffy and Señor Snake, we host Reactory Factory TV. Our VJs only feature kids’ songs and videos that are safe and fun to watch.

Why do we do this? Because families need a safe place for their children to discover a love for music. My children love music and love being able to listen and watch music that is fun, silly and even educational without having to search for material. I love it because I know they are in a safe zone on Reactory Factory TV.

In addition to content, we also need to consider ads that are placed on the web. That is why I am working to remove banner ads or at least have them managed where the ads are suitable for young viewers.

There are no games on Reactory Factory TV. Most web sites for children have games, and drawing pages, and screen savers, and videos, and the list goes on. That is too much for our little ones. We simply do music.

Finally, it’s for the artist. Youtube is a great content provider, but it isn’t easy to just find quality children’s music. By putting their awesome music in one place, our VJs are able to showcase the best of kids music. Show your love by visiting an artist’s site and purchasing a cd or mp3s.

We want to show our love by saying thanks to our fans for their viewership and super letters and pictures, the artists for their labor of love, our volunteers for their hard work, Lakeland TV for their awesome production studio, Planet Sunday for their cool animation, the press for helping spread the word and of course our VJs which make watching fun!

Please drop a note and let me know what you think. If you like us and the kids songs we play, then like us on facebook by pressing the like button at the top of the screen.


Dr. Reacto

You can find other great sources for kids at Caspar Babypants, nick jr and itunes.

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